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About me in a nutshell

Bilder - Version 3I am Elena Anasha Theis, I was born and raised in Germany but consider myself a German citizen of the world.

Up until my early 30s I was living a typical career-oriented and “successful” life. Although I had felt for some time that something was off I managed to ignore this little voice for quite some time…until it couldn’t be shushed any longer.

One day I woke up and realized that I had lost myself in all this many years ago. So I quit my job, went on a meditation retreat and started a totally new chapter. Do I know where this will take me? Not at all! But I do know that I want more out of life! This is the time for change and to make a difference in the world…Instead of planning out every single “logical step” for the next 40 years I want to get back in the natural flow of life so for now I just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

I started this blog to share some of my thoughts and experiences along the way…Comments, likes, followers and any kind of feedback are always appreciated so please get in touch!

Update (July 10, 2013):

I’ve come a long way already since I started this blog. Do I know where this is taking me now? Not at all 🙂 But I have gained a lot of insights and self-determination along the way. One of my smartest moves so far was to become a certified transformational coach. I love this inspiring work! However, there are still a lot of undefined variables and I am loving every step on this adventurous journey to finding and living my truth and my purpose! If you are interested in my coaching work, please check out my website at

Update (September 20, 2014):

It’s been quiet on MindfulVision for quite a while…This is because I turned my life upside down over the course of the last year, made radical but healthy decisions and lifestyle changes…After all change is the only steady thing there is… Although I was also faced with challenges, losses and lots of emotions that accompanied the process of letting go I am very happy with the way things are now. A deep longing for my long held vision and the knowing that it’s not only becoming clearer but also within reach, keeps pushing me forward, pushing my boundaries and giving me courage to leave my comfort zone. Currently I am looking for a place to call my new home while exploring the world and life as much as possible at the same time. I found paradise in Hawaii in 2013 and know that the islands will definitely be a part of the new phase but I am also considering Berlin…or something completely different 🙂

Thanks for reading what’s on my mind!

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4 thoughts on “About me in a nutshell

  1. Thank you for liking my Blog/Poetry! Wishing you much success and bliss on your future endeavors! :)… Since you are from Germany I will say this and you will understand: Hab eine guten tag!

  2. I am quite “mindful,” of being sure to thank you for following my blog! Look forward to reading your posts. Cheers! – kate

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