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Contagious Passion

Have you ever met someone who is so passionate about something that this passion literally radiates and lights up an entire room? I was fortunate enough tonight to be in the audience when a great young artist from the US lit up a little coffee shop in Heidelberg with his flying sparks of passion for his music and his dream of a music career. I got to enjoy a wonderful and intimate concert with great music and great company – and when the musician asked to take him home I couldn’t resist…actually as I’m typing this he’s still singing in the other room. Oh no wait, I guess that’s just the CD I took home with me 🙂

On my way home I recalled something he mentioned while signing CDs: he just got his Italian citizenship. When he was asked why he simply said: “So I get to stay in the EU to promote my music!” And the way he said it sounded like it was the most natural thing to do and just the next logical step. Of course there are people changing and dropping citizenships every day and that’s not my point. I was just so touched by the empowerment and determination that came with the unshakable belief in and longing for his dream. For me this was just living proof of my “mission statement for life”:

Everything is possible! And if you truly want something you will find a way to make it happen because the price you’d be paying for dropping your dream would be so much higher than anything you might have to give up on the way of achieving it! 

Thank you Jake Rathburn for sharing your music and for reminding me of the passionate power of dreams!


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…for a good reason: I don’t like labels. Never have and never will because I find them limiting and restrictive.
But a lot of people love labels and seem to be walking around with invisible label makers at all times – an easy and comfortable solution. Once something is labeled our mind takes a break, goes on auto-pilot and brings up associations based on previous experiences with that label. As a result
people are stuck with predefined perceptions and experiences. A safe and predictable but also limiting way of experiencing the world.

We all have a choice; mine is to keep my mind and imagination active and infinite. And that’s why I love untitled pieces of art!

To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.
– Claude Monet