My tribute to life with all its curiosities and miracles

My Mindful Vision

February 5, 2013:

“So, just look down at your feet…What do your feet have to say about your vision?”

This simple yet powerful question was the instant jump-start of my self-visioning of the future…I always knew I had a vision but it was blurry and seemed unreachable for a long time. But while thinking about an answer to this wild question I feel excitement and adrenaline in my body…this is what being alive and aligned feels like. A feeling I once knew but have been missing for so long. But in this moment I am fully present and so is the great feeling!

My feet want to start running as fast as they can. I close my eyes and see myself walking through some dense fog, feeling lost and uncomfortable. Suddenly the fog clears up and I continue walking towards bright blue skies. The discomfort I was so aware of a few seconds ago is completely gone; deep feelings of peace and joy are emerging instead. I wish the world would stop for a moment because right now I am so at peace with myself and the world. But it doesn’t and so I keep walking when – out of the blue – a big airplane appears right above my head. It doesn’t move and just silently “sits” in the sky for me to look at. Out of reach, yet so present and visible… just like my vision.   (To be continued…)


July 11, 2013:

A little over 5 months have passed since my first entry about my vision. 5 months of steady self-exploration, that have made all the difference in my life. Never before have I felt such deeply rooted clarity about my life, my purpose and my vision.

“What made the difference?” you might ask…I met myself with curiosity, honesty and integrity. It’s as simple as that. Along the way I encountered loyal soldiers, limiting beliefs, shadows…but also my true values and needs which really define who I am at my very core. As soon as I had clarity about what really mattered in my life, all illusions and confusions disappeared. Confidence and trust stepped in, in myself and in life as a whole. I said goodbye to everything that was not serving me anymore, letting go of old beliefs, baggage and attachments. For the first time ever I didn’t try to get away from something but was rather making the first steps toward something. Something that was pulling me so strongly that it was impossible to even try to resist its calling.

9 words is all it takes to describe the essence of my vision, my being and my purpose: A self-determined life in joy, ease and abundance! That is my vision in a nutshell, for myself and our entire planet. By shining my own light I serve as an inspirational example of how we are all the creators of our lives.  (To be continued…)


One thought on “My Mindful Vision

  1. Excellent, action with intention repairs, heals us. Nice job and sharing

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